How I defrosted the frozen Windows 8 Apps !

After installing the latest Tuesday updates for Windows 8, which included the blacklisting (instead of whitelisting) Flash sites for WinRT Internet Explorer, all of my WinRT apps froze up after launching them.

If you launched the apps, the app froze right away, even before the “loading” round spinner thingy normally should appear under the “Modern UI” logo of the app.

After reading a lot of forum threads I fixed it like this:

  1. I ran a “chkdsk c: /f” and rebooted
  2. download the apps.diagcab file from :
  3. unblock it’s access (right click > Properties > Unblock)
  4. run the “apps.diagcab”
  5. click the “Windows Store Apps” and click Next
  6. close the “apps.diagcab”
  7. run the “apps.diagcab”
  8. click the “Protected Audio” and click Next
  9. close the “apps.diagcab”
  10. run the “apps.diagcab”
  11. click the “Background Intelligent Transfer Service” and click Next
  12. close the “apps.diagcab”
  13. Then, I opened a CMD window with administrative priviledges
  14. And finally I started a “sfc /scannow” which scans and fixes some system files.

This took about a hour or 2, but aftwards all worked fine again.

Happy panda !