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Using Open Live Writer to blog more !

Scott Hanselman and a bunch of other open source developers launched Open Live Writer a few days ago.  This open source version of the old Windows Live Writer – which I never used before either – seems to work already very well in it’s current v0.5 version.

I hope it’ll help me to blog more… for that reason I decided to blog about the last year.

How I defrosted the frozen Windows 8 Apps !

After installing the latest Tuesday updates for Windows 8, which included the blacklisting (instead of whitelisting) Flash sites for WinRT Internet Explorer, all of my WinRT apps froze up after launching them.

If you launched the apps, the app froze right away, even before the “loading” round spinner thingy normally should appear under the “Modern UI” logo of the app.

After reading a lot of forum threads I fixed it like this:

  1. I ran a “chkdsk c: /f” and rebooted
  2. download the apps.diagcab file from : http://download.microsoft.com/download/F/2/4/F24D0C03-4181-4E5B-A23B-5C3A6B5974E3/apps.diagcab
  3. unblock it’s access (right click > Properties > Unblock)
  4. run the “apps.diagcab”
  5. click the “Windows Store Apps” and click Next
  6. close the “apps.diagcab”
  7. run the “apps.diagcab”
  8. click the “Protected Audio” and click Next
  9. close the “apps.diagcab”
  10. run the “apps.diagcab”
  11. click the “Background Intelligent Transfer Service” and click Next
  12. close the “apps.diagcab”
  13. Then, I opened a CMD window with administrative priviledges
  14. And finally I started a “sfc /scannow” which scans and fixes some system files.

This took about a hour or 2, but aftwards all worked fine again.

Happy panda !

Getting a Nokia Lumia 920 ? It’s a mission impossible !

Dear Nokia,

If you’re reading this… FIX IT !  This is getting hopeless !

When Nokia showed off their high end Lumia 920, I was almost drooling onto my keyboard on September 5th 2012.  Since the phone didn’t launch immediately everywhere I waited until until November 11th 2012 to place my order for a yellow Lumia 920 at Cyberport.
I used a German site since only certain countries in Europe got the privilege to deliver the Lumia 920 shortly after launch… Germany and France where 2 of the neighboring countries of Belgium – where I live – that got their chances.
So I ordered after friends got some good experiences with Cyberport before.

I first got an email stating that the delivery will be November 15th… not bad for if you know that the phone needs to come from Dresden to Belgium.
On November 19th Cyberport sends me an email that the delivery will take place on November 22nd.  No problem, that’s only days from the 19th… so why bother.
On November 23rd, Cyberport mails me that the delivery will take place on November 29th… no problem I thaught, it’s still before the upcoming holidays… no stress man !
The on the 30th of November Cyberport mails me again that the delivery will take place December 13th. Grrr… this pushing back is getting annoying, but several messages on Windows Phone sites state that Nokia is having a hard time to deliver… so it’ll be… let’s wait some more.
December 8th I got a mail from Cyberport that my phone probably will be send on December 13th… wohoo ! yeeey !  Finally !
For some reason they only noticed that my money arrived via a wire transfer at December 14th !  This while it was transferred like a month before from my account !  Stop kidding me !  Are you guys sleeping there ?
That same day Cyberport sends me also a mail that the phone will be delivered whenever they receive one… in fact they finally admit that they don’t know when that might be.

I waited like a few days more, but on December 22nd, I canceled my order at Cyberport.  I saw that CoolBlue had pre-orders that where even € 10,00 cheaper than the first time Business To Business offer that Cyberport gave me.  So why not try my luck there ?

I ordered the yellow Nokia Lumia 920 at CoolBlue on January 2nd 2013, then the delivery date mentioned on the website was January 10th.  Then one day later, on January 3rd, CoolBlue sent me an email that the delivery date was now 11th of February.

And yesterday, on February 5th, CoolBlue sent me again an email with excuses that the delivery won’t be earlier as march 30th !
All this is because apparently Nokia can’t produce enough units to deliver Belgium… come on !  How can Windows Phone get a real chance to penetrate the market if there are no top notch devices to get in all countries ?

The mail of CoolBlue is true, because the website of Nokia Belgium now also states that the device is not available yet in Belgium.

This is now 5 months I’m waiting for a killer device that is kind of M.I.A.
Pretty frustrating !

Why I think that bold colors are good for Windows Phone 8 ?

2 days ago, HTC launched their new Windows Phone 8 devices, the 8X and the 8S.


Both devices come in a lot of bold colors as you can see in the pictures. Yesterday somebody on Twitter said:”Nokia Lumias got samsunged by HTC”

Meaning that HTC is following the bold color movement that Nokia started with their Lumia phones.

Nokia Lumia 920

Apart from being a funny tweet, Ithink that’s not at all a bad thing that HTC produces colorfull Windows Phones.People will see those colorfull phones in stores and will ask what those are… in a few months people will associate bold colored phones with Windows Phones.
I only hope that other smartphone producers will go the same route.I hope that this will only boost the sales for Windows Phone, so we finally start to see some marketshare growt, so that in the end companies will ask for produce a “Smartphone app” not only for iOS and Android, but also for our Windows Phones !

Bye Bye DropBox !

Weeks (months ?) ago I read some scary privacy issues that people where bringing up about DropBox.
It got to me too, so I quickly moved most (actually all) of my stuff to my huge (25 GB) SkyDrive.

Today, I opened my Task Manager to see why my Zenbook was reacting so slow right after boot.
This is what caught my eye !

First of all, it was of course not DropBox that slowed my ultrabook down, I guess it was the way that Windows 7 boots and my impatience that made me suffer.
Windows 8 works so much better, and especially quicker… I’m thinking of going all Windows 8 soon… but in les than 2 weeks Windows 8 will be RTM, so I can still wait just a little longer… no problems there.

Back to DropBox, see that the Windows 7 client is twice the size of the SkyDrive one ? And they basically do the same, provide an easy way of managing your online storage solution via the Windows Explorer.

So for me that was it, DropBox is going down, I uninstalled it…
Then I went to Dropbox.com unlinked all PCs and the iPad, and then closed my account.
What can you do with 2GB anyway ? It’s not even enough to upload all your family pictures.

Microsoft SkyDrive is the way I’m going, it works fine, has a small footprint, offered me a huge (25 GB) space because I’m a day 1 user (before the whole cloud mind switch way much fewer than now of course) and integrates superb with Windows 7, Windows 8, WindowsRT and Windows Phone, what does one need more ?

Speaking at WiPhug: 3 times Windows Phone 7

Today, the Wiphug (Windows Phone User Group Belgium) held their 3rd event.
This time it was in Kortenberg, in a big villa which houses the company Proximity BBDO.

Today we experimented with short talks about Windows Phone development.
So we had 3 speakers, of which I was one of them.
Everybody got a max of 40 minutes to cover a subject.
I like the format very much, because you get to see a lot of things, in a very short time, and from a lot of different people.
So no more feeling you wasted your time because you knew all about the subject or the speaker sucked in your opinion [not that we ever would invite sucking speakers, but tastes do differ] – anyway that “torture” (if you will) will only last for max 40 minutes – not that bad, huh.
Above all that it gives the WiPhug the opportunity to have more speakers, so maybe you feel like you need to share a subject ?
If you feel the need to share, please contact board@wiphug.be and we’ll arrange something.

My talk was about how to play sounds and it’s certification requirements, I choose this topic because of an app I recently published called ‘SheepCounter‘. It was an attempt at writing an app without using code… unfortunatly this is a myth… you need to code several behaviours at least, which you then can implement by clicking your way through Blend. While failing at the attempt of doing a no code app, I did learn a lot about playing sounds, and it’s certification requirements.
And that’s what I wanted to share with you all.

It was a very pleasent evening – like all WiPhug get-to-gethers by the way, and the more we’re organising these events, the more we start to get to know our members/followers.

You can find my presentation and example code about “Playing sounds on Windows Phone” online.

Be sure to think about your next WiPhug presentation ! You’re always welcome to speak at one of our events !

Speaking at WiPhug: Building a Windows Phone application from Z to A

Today I spoke at the Windows Phone User Group Belgium – of which I’m a board member too – about the development of our WiPhug Windows Phone app.
Our first event was a success we had about 46 people comming from all over the country (mainly Flanders and Brussels though) to Mechelen… and if there were not that many traffic jams because of the bad weather it would have been more… I’m sure !
For me it was the very first time on stage.

Good preparation and Tekpub’s video featuring Scott Hanselmans entitled “The Art Of Speaking” gave me the necessary confidence for the 2 hour presentation.
My fellow boardmembers Glenn and Bart – who actually did most of the development of the app – I focussed more on the presentation and some design elements for the app – gave the demoes… and frankly I thaught they did a great job… for all of us it was a first time on stage, so we could have done worse I guess.

Be sure to check out the blogpost I wrote on the WiPhug site about the event, it tells a bit more in detail how the evening went along.

I have to admit that the kick you get from presenting is AWESOME, I can only advise people to try to speak in front of an audience, especially if they are still hesitating, if you know the subject you’re about to speak well, then there’s no need to hesitate.

This tastes for more !