Bye Bye DropBox !

Weeks (months ?) ago I read some scary privacy issues that people where bringing up about DropBox.
It got to me too, so I quickly moved most (actually all) of my stuff to my huge (25 GB) SkyDrive.

Today, I opened my Task Manager to see why my Zenbook was reacting so slow right after boot.
This is what caught my eye !

First of all, it was of course not DropBox that slowed my ultrabook down, I guess it was the way that Windows 7 boots and my impatience that made me suffer.
Windows 8 works so much better, and especially quicker… I’m thinking of going all Windows 8 soon… but in les than 2 weeks Windows 8 will be RTM, so I can still wait just a little longer… no problems there.

Back to DropBox, see that the Windows 7 client is twice the size of the SkyDrive one ? And they basically do the same, provide an easy way of managing your online storage solution via the Windows Explorer.

So for me that was it, DropBox is going down, I uninstalled it…
Then I went to unlinked all PCs and the iPad, and then closed my account.
What can you do with 2GB anyway ? It’s not even enough to upload all your family pictures.

Microsoft SkyDrive is the way I’m going, it works fine, has a small footprint, offered me a huge (25 GB) space because I’m a day 1 user (before the whole cloud mind switch way much fewer than now of course) and integrates superb with Windows 7, Windows 8, WindowsRT and Windows Phone, what does one need more ?

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