Speaking at WiPhug: 3 times Windows Phone 7

Today, the Wiphug (Windows Phone User Group Belgium) held their 3rd event.
This time it was in Kortenberg, in a big villa which houses the company Proximity BBDO.

Today we experimented with short talks about Windows Phone development.
So we had 3 speakers, of which I was one of them.
Everybody got a max of 40 minutes to cover a subject.
I like the format very much, because you get to see a lot of things, in a very short time, and from a lot of different people.
So no more feeling you wasted your time because you knew all about the subject or the speaker sucked in your opinion [not that we ever would invite sucking speakers, but tastes do differ] – anyway that “torture” (if you will) will only last for max 40 minutes – not that bad, huh.
Above all that it gives the WiPhug the opportunity to have more speakers, so maybe you feel like you need to share a subject ?
If you feel the need to share, please contact board@wiphug.be and we’ll arrange something.

My talk was about how to play sounds and it’s certification requirements, I choose this topic because of an app I recently published called ‘SheepCounter‘. It was an attempt at writing an app without using code… unfortunatly this is a myth… you need to code several behaviours at least, which you then can implement by clicking your way through Blend. While failing at the attempt of doing a no code app, I did learn a lot about playing sounds, and it’s certification requirements.
And that’s what I wanted to share with you all.

It was a very pleasent evening – like all WiPhug get-to-gethers by the way, and the more we’re organising these events, the more we start to get to know our members/followers.

You can find my presentation and example code about “Playing sounds on Windows Phone” online.

Be sure to think about your next WiPhug presentation ! You’re always welcome to speak at one of our events !

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