Speaking at WiPhug: Building a Windows Phone application from Z to A

Today I spoke at the Windows Phone User Group Belgium – of which I’m a board member too – about the development of our WiPhug Windows Phone app.
Our first event was a success we had about 46 people comming from all over the country (mainly Flanders and Brussels though) to Mechelen… and if there were not that many traffic jams because of the bad weather it would have been more… I’m sure !
For me it was the very first time on stage.

Good preparation and Tekpub’s video featuring Scott Hanselmans entitled “The Art Of Speaking” gave me the necessary confidence for the 2 hour presentation.
My fellow boardmembers Glenn and Bart – who actually did most of the development of the app – I focussed more on the presentation and some design elements for the app – gave the demoes… and frankly I thaught they did a great job… for all of us it was a first time on stage, so we could have done worse I guess.

Be sure to check out the blogpost I wrote on the WiPhug site about the event, it tells a bit more in detail how the evening went along.

I have to admit that the kick you get from presenting is AWESOME, I can only advise people to try to speak in front of an audience, especially if they are still hesitating, if you know the subject you’re about to speak well, then there’s no need to hesitate.

This tastes for more !

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