Create your own Implode!XL-clone – Getting started

To really get started, we first need to know why we are doing this, instead of just to wait for the official game to show up in the Marketplace.
Personally, I started this series, because:

  • I like the Windows Phone
  • I’m a developer, so I wanted to develop something for my phone
  • I always wanted to create a game
  • I wanted to learn XNA – it makes creating games accessible for .NET developers.
  • I wanted to learn more about Windows Phone – Mango
  • my wife isn’t convinced that I could create a game like Implode!XL
  • I wanted something to show off to friends and colleagues on my phone

If any of the reasons above applies to you too, I think you’re good to stay for a while !

I don’t have too much time per day to work on this series, since I’m not doing XNA or Windows Phone (yet) as a day job.  Above that my 2,5-year-old daughter asks a lot of attention at the evenings from her daddy.  But I promise to find some time during the weekends to work on this – like right now.

Because of my schedule, I decided to focus on Mango, I thought it’ll take a few months to get the game finished, so when Mango is officially released my game should be ready, so why not immediately enjoy the fast application switching, XNA and Silverlight integration, more than 30 fps in XNA, and all the other goodies that can be found in Mango ?

So, to get started you need :

  • The latest Windows Phone SDK 7.1 – currently this is beta 2
  • If you have inferior hardware, like I do, (4  year old laptop) I recommend upgrading your Windows Phone to Mango too.  To do so, you need to be registered developer, you still can register as a developer, Microsoft will then tell you how to upgrade your phone.
  • To create a flow chart of the game we’ll use Meesoft Diagram Designer, which is a freeware tool.  Download and install it, you’ll need it !
  • Since the game is mimicking real world physics make sure you download the Farseer Physics Engine from codeplex – or use NuGet to download the engine.
  • Download the Farseer Physics Engine XNA Samples, it contains the DebugView project to make things visible.
  • I will use C#, since I prefer that language, if you’re a VB.NET developer, you’re probably used to read C# and translate that into VB.NET

Have you got all that ?  Then let’s get started…


Below you’ll find a list of chapters I’m planning to write… Titles might still change, chapters might me added too.

  1. Introduction
  2. Getting started
  3. Designing the game
  4. Developing the game
    1. I’m sure here will be several sub-chapters
    2. things like:
    3. creating game logic
    4. creating graphics
    5. adding sound
    6. etc
    7. come immediately to mind
  5. Testing the game
    1. Also here I see several sub-chapters, like
    2. the mom/wife test
    3. or even worse : let the baby play with it
  6. Publish the game

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