Create your own Implode!XL-clone – Introduction

This is the start of a new series, which follows the now popular Windows Phone trend of “do it yourself iOS game name goes here>”.
A Twitter friend of mine called Jo De Greef already created a “Making Your Own WP7 Angry Birds” series.
I wanted to do something similar but with a game I played a lot on the iPad, called Implode!XL by IUGO.

Implode!XLImplode!XLI saw in a Windows Phone XBOX Live commercial that this game is coming to our phones too… yes, even the website confirms it.  Of course our game won’t be as polished as the commercial game, but it might get very close though…

The goal of the game is to explode a structure – mostly house shaped -and to make sure the debris remains below a certain minimum height, or doesn’t touch another structure which is close by.
Sounds easy, but sometimes it can be very challenging, especially making sure you don’t break the neighbours’ windows.

I will follow the Microsoft best practices guidelines of the Game Development Tutorial, since I think it’s always best to plan before you start developing, above that, the “plan” will guide our development, and by so we won’t forget anything.

See you in the next part !


Below you’ll find a list of chapters I’m planning to write… Titles might still change, chapters might me added too.

  1. Introduction
  2. Getting Started
  3. Designing the game
  4. Developing the game
    1. I’m sure here will be several sub-chapters
    2. things like:
    3. creating game logic
    4. creating graphics
    5. adding sound
    6. etc
    7. come immediately to mind
  5. Testing the game
    1. Also here I see several sub-chapters, like
    2. the mom/wife test
    3. or even worse : let the baby play with it
  6. Publish the game

2 thoughts on “Create your own Implode!XL-clone – Introduction

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