Installed Mango on my Samsung Omnia 7

Just after I succeeded to upgrade to 7392, Microsoft announced to possibility to upgrade to Mango if you were a registered Windows Phone Developer.  Best spend $ 99,00 !

Below are my findings so far, after toying around with Mango.

User Experience: Finally we (in Belgium) have the “Marketplace > apps” link in Zune ! We already had the Marketplace on the phone, but never in Zune.
I tested on the way home from the supermarket how the turn-by-turn guidance works in the Maps application, I was impressed… of course the phone speaks English instead of dutch to me, but hey, you can’t have it all, can you ?
Shortly after the upgrade I sent a text message to my wife, stating that I love her, without touching the phone – that texting by voice is pretty impressive, actually I’m blown away by that… I wonder if that works in other languages than English too… I’m thinking about French, since my wife is francophone.

Developer Experience: after installing Mango, my phone is locked again ?  Strange.  But thanks to the “Windows Phone Developer Registration” not a big problem.
I just read that the XNA games are no more limited to 30 fps, that sounds great.

I think this is pretty much it from the updating my Samsung Omnia 7 front until the official release of Mango at least.
I will start an XNA tutorial series for the Windows Phone soon, much like a twitter friend of mine Jo De Greef who wrote a “Making your own WP7 Angry Birds” series.

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