Updating my Samsung Omnia 7 to 7392 – YES, finally !

After another night of research and trail and error to find a reason why my phone wouldn’t want to update to 7392 – especially now that I can force my phone into “download mode” – I found out that it wasn’t the phone anymore that was the blocking issue, but Windows 7 !

If I connected my phone – which was in “download mode” – to my laptop while the Samsung USB update tool was running, the “Start” button of the Samsung tool never got activated.  This was because Windows 7 didn’t see the phone in “download mode” as a “new” device.  That is also the reason why the Samsung tool first installs some USB drivers on your system… so that when the phone in “download mode” is plugged in, it can find those USB drivers.

To fix this issue you first have to uninstall the “Samsung USB Drivers for Mobile Phones” using the normal Windows uninstall procedure (Start > Control Panel > Programs and features > Samsung USB Drivers for Mobile Phones > Uninstall > Say : “bye-bye !”).  Also make sure you delete the Samsung directory under your “Program Files”, just to make sure everything is gone (probably not really necessary, but hey nice and tidy, no ?).
Then I installed the latest Samsung USB Driver for Mobile Phones which can be found at XDA Developers.  But I’m sure that is not really necessary, I’m sure the drivers which come with the Samsung Omnia 7 update tool will work fine too.
Then you have to download and run the “System Update Readiness for Windows 7” tool provided by Microsoft Support.  In the middle of the page is a matrix so you can select the right version of the readiness tool for your Windows 7 system.
If you run the tool, a Windows Update window appears, which asks you if you want to download a certain hotfix.  Do so, it’ll fix things !
Open your device manager (Start > Control Panel > Device Manager) and expand the node labelled “Universal Serial Bus controllers” to see the magic happening (not necessary but it’ll give you more confidence that things are happening indeed).
Put your Omnia 7 into download mode – either by the key combination or like me by using a resistor or a JIG and connect your phone via the USB cable to your Windows 7 machine.

All of a sudden you’ll notice that Device Manager will flash a few times and a “Samsung CDMA device” will appear in the “Universal Serial Bus controllers” and like with all USB devices plugged into Windows 7, you’ll notice a toast stating it’s installing new hardware…

If you installed – like me – the USB drivers separately, unplug your Omnia 7 again after you noticed that Windows 7 installed 3 devices.

Then, I ran the Samsung update tool, and this time, my phone which was still in “download mode” was recognized without a problem, and I could finally press the Start button of the tool to complete the update.

Once the Samsung tool was finished, I unplugged my Omnia 7, and ran Zune to update my phone to OS Version 7392 without a problem !

Finally, no more nag screens when I update podcasts or music on my phone !

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