Updating my Samsung Omnia 7 to 7392 – Download Mode failed

A few weeks ago, a lot of people updated their Windows Phone 7 to OS Version 7392 – also known as the certificates update.

If you have a Samsung Omnia 7 you were either:

  • very lucky : it is to say the update passed without hiccups via Zune.
  • just not that lucky – but still a winner : meaning that after you performed the update Samsung provided, you could update via Zune.
  • a looser that risks to be left behind, because Samsung doesn’t seem to care.

I’m fearing to fall in that last category, and this is why:

To update to 7392 via Zune, you first had to update your phone with a tool that Samsung provides.  This is where the headaches started for some of the Omnia 7 users.  The tool that Samsung provides instructs you how to put your Omnia 7 into (Samsung) “Download Mode”, however if your Omnia 7 has bootloader the key combination that you need to press to put the device into “Download Mode” isn’t implemented in the bootloader yet – oops !
You can find tons of articles on the Internetz about how to put your phone into Download Mode with a so-called “jig”.  This is either a small micro-usb port that has a resistor of 301 K Volt soldered on the 1st and the 2nd pin, or just some resistors bound together and some tape around it.  I bought a 301 K Volt resistor and a micro-usb port which makes finding and touching pin 1 and 2 a whole lot easier.
Anyway for a lot of people forcing the phone in download mode seemed to be enough to proceed with the Samsung tool.  But after having forced my phone in download mode, the Samsung tool doesn’t recognizes my phone – so I can’t press the start button to proceed with the USB driver update of the phone itself.

And so, it looks like I’m kind of stranded now… because promises of @SamsungMobileNL that a tool is being built to fix the problem seems to be more like a “stop nagging us about it”-way to get rid of wining customers – like myself.
@SamsungMobileNL told us that on may 19th that Samsung is busy with a solution… now more than 40 days we’re still waiting for any signs of this tool… even repeated questions on the progress of that tool on June 5th and June 16th to @SamsungMobileNL were ignored and never answered.
So far customer support !
I admit that I really do like my Omnia 7 – I love the colours and the robustness of the phone – it already fell a few times and it’s still working properly.  If it weren’t for the crappy bootloader and firmware I wouldn’t even complain about it… it’s one of the best phone’s – if not THE best phone I ever owned.
It is also the only phone for which I really started programming, before I always had the best intentions, but never did so.

Look like the only thing I can do now is to call the Samsung Service Center and hope that they will be able to update my phone… I could try to do a hardware reset too I think, that once worked fine with the pre-nodo update… so say “sayonara” to all settings, pictures, installed apps and games and last but not least, to the link between your PC and your phone… so here we probably go again… but not tonight…

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